Generation Next's Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting environment for Christian teenagers. Where loving Jesus is accepted, speaking about Him is encouraged, and sharing the desires and struggles to live for Him are natural. Our goal is to offer a place where Christian youth in our community, from all churches and denominations, can come and be used by God to honor him by helping and encouraging others. Our vision is that Christian youth can learn to see past the denominational barriers that separate us so often, and focus on working together to create a larger, more far-reaching Christian family, that wins the lost to the Lord and makes a positive impact on their community and the people around them.

We value partnerships with, and support from our local churches, businesses and individuals as we endeavor to supplement the church's teachings and show our youth that living in Christ provides perfect freedom, purpose and joy. We appreciate our community's support as we offer the next generation a fun, exciting environment, where all activities will glorify the Lord as the teenagers learn how to love Christ fully, have an intense devotion to God, and understand that God is after a full work in their lives.

Our Story

Angela Davidson McKenzie was an ordinary wife and mother of three sons with 21 years experience in the medical field. Approximately nine years ago her two oldest sons dove head first into the world of drugs at the young age of 17. While her family struggled to keep them from being lost forever, she prayed for their safety and sobriety. But as she prayed, she continued to think of the bigger problem of drugs and alcohol as an epidemic facing so many young people today. Through her prayers, a vision for a teen center began to crystallize.

Angie began to feel an urgency, to not only introduce young people to Jesus Christ, but to show them how to cling to His promises and encourage the realization that there is no other way to make it in this uncertain world. God put a passion for teens in her heart and when she ran out of excuses not to open a teen center, she began a journey with her sister-in-law, Angie Scroggie McKenzie and many others to start a Christian teen center on Jacksonville's northside.

Both of Angie's sons are recovering addicts who attended Emerging Leaders College with goals of pursuing the ministry. From their struggles, Angie came to realize that the devil is alive and well and desires to pull every young person as far away from God as possible, even those like her sons who should know better than to ever go down that path. Satan is a master of deception who comes disguised in the form of drugs, alcohol, sex, ungodly friends, depression, loneliness, even religion to name a few.

In 2015, Angie felt the Lord leading her to begin to take a step back from the ministry and with much prayer by the GN leadership, Scott and Mindy Henderson became the Directors of Ministry.

Our prayer is that Generation Next will be a light to the young people of north Jacksonville and will prevent many from going down the path of destruction that leads to heartache for so many families. Our God-given desire is for Generation Next to serve as a preventative measure to teens; to prevent young people from falling away from God, by being trapped by Satan, and to teach them the preventative spiritual care they need to fight off the attacks of the enemy.

All of us at Generation Next are very excited to see what God is going to do in and through the lives of our teens.